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EEN2EIC calls are now open!

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Call 1: Open Call for Consortium Innovation Leader


The Open Call for Consortium Innovation Leaders (CILs) at selecting one Organization per each EEN Consortium for the role of Consortium Innovation Leader role (CIL). Only one CIL for each of the EEN Consortia existing at the time of the application will be selected.

Main tasks of CILs in EEN2EIC

  • It represents a connection point between EEN2EIC project and its EEN consortium.
  • It supports its local EEN Network in achieving impact in the respective consortium 
  • It identifies and mobilizes support for a local node in Women led enterprises and widening & associated countries 
  • It keeps track of the companies involved by its consortium in EEN2EIC activities, including the companies applying for EIC framework 
  • It supports of the EEN2EIC consortium in communication activities at local level 
    It supports with organization of an information event in the region/area covered by the EEN consortium 

What’s in for CILs

Selected CILs are eligible of up to 10.000€ for the support of eligible EIC applications in their consortium. Check the Guide for Applicants for detailed information.


Application process and deadline

Applications have to be submitted using the online form before the deadline of 3rd April 2023 at 17:00 Brussels time.
Download the Open Call document 

Download the FAQs

Addendum Open Call 1 Consortium Innovation Leaders

List of approved CILs

List of approved CILs – second round

Reporting Form – CILs

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